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David on Long Island stages
1989 - present


                    As FDR in ANNIE                                                                        As Major Bouvier in GREY GARDENS,
                                                                                                                           with Phyllis March and Missy Dowse
                      As Sir in THE DRESSER, with Rick Heuthe                               As Sennex in FORUM, with Scott Hofer
 Major Metcalf in THE MOUSETRAP                                         Sir John in ME AND MY GIRL
                                                                                                                                             with Rick Heuthe and Louis Butelli
William Desmond Taylor in MACK & MABEL                                    As Marty Guteman in Anne Meara's AFTER PLAY
                   with Suzanne Mason,                                                               with Mary Ellin Kurtz, Vicki Klein, Larry Katz,
       Inspector Craddock, with Jan Anderson, in                As  Ben, with Jack Howell in DEATH OF A SALESMAN
A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED                                                                                                         
As William Gillette in POSTMORTEM, with Debbie Starker                           As Henry, The Old Actor
                                                                                                                                                                                    in THE FANTASTICKS                                                     
 As Grannie Lou and as R.G. Benson, with Fred Maliszweski,                     Palmer Forrester, with Karen Rowen,
                                        in Charles Busch's RED SCARE ON SUNSET                                        in MURDER AMONG FRIENDS                                

As Frank Foster, with Rick Heuthe and Kathy Colette                      As George Butler, with Mary Ellin Kurtz                            
                               in HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES                                                   in ALONE TOGETHER                                                          




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