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Photo Gallery
2001 - present


                                               A RODGERS AND HART AUDITION                                          FRED AND ADELE ASTAIRE: THE LAST DANCE           
with Rick Heuthe, David Houston, Melanie Lipton,                                        starring Steve Corbellini and Melanie Lipton                     
  Steve Corbellini, Diana Heinlein, and Gail Merzer Behrens                                                                                                
                                                                                                            CHRISTIE MYSTERIES: ON THE CASE                                                                                        
                                                               Diana Heinlein as Miss Marple, David as Narrator and Voices, Rick Heuthe as Hercule Poirot                                                          
THE DICKENS!                             THE GHOST OF DOROTHY PARKER                            LILLIE ALONE               
       David reads "Doctor Marigold"               Diana Heinlein as the famous humorist              Mary Ellin Kurtz as the legendary actress    
                 GREAT SCOTT AND ZELDA                                                      ABE LINCOLN IN THE 21ST CENTURY
Melanie Lipton and Steve Corbellini as the Fitzgeralds                           David as a light-hearted pre-Presidential Lincoln

                                    LET'S DO IT!                                                            JAZZ BABY JOAN                    A BEN FRANKLIN FOR ALL SEASONS
David as Noel Coward; Rick as Cole Porter                            Melanie as Joan Crawford                   From Ben's speeches, autobiography
 creating Noel's Las Vegas cabaret                                 reliving her turbulent childhood                         and Poor Richard's humor

                     Diana and David perform a "radio play" of WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR                  MURDER AND MADNESS AND POE
                                              For LONG ISLAND READS 2009                                                  Rick Heuthe as Poe auditioning for a tour
              THE COLOR OF WATER                                          Melanie Lipton personifies                           MARK TWAIN: TELLING  TALES
Debbie Starker reads with David for                               THE BELLE OF AMHERST                        David is the great American humorist
                   Long Island Reads 2007                                   in William Luce's great Broadway play                                                                              

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